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From the ashes of mankind comes...


The year is 3978 A.D. The planet Earth—ruled by a society of highly evolved apes—finds itself once again on the brink of devastation.

In a last-ditch effort to save their planet, a team of renegade ape scientists travels back in time to the year 2015. There, they assemble an elite group of performers, known collectively as Reign of Zaius.

The band’s mission: To warn present-day humans of their impending doom, and promote a message of peace and harmony among all species.

However, the plan soon goes awry: Corrupted by brain-altering chemicals, the members of Reign of Zaius stray from their original vision of hope and positivity, and instead descend into the depths of Earth’s most dangerous musical genre: APE ROCK.

Within months, the band’s “act” devolves into a dizzying jumble of retro video game references, comic-book worship, and cryptic allusions to horror and sci-fi films—all performed at unhealthy volumes to a depraved heavy metal beat.

Now, the humans of Reign of Zaius have been left to wander the last remaining music clubs of pre-apocalypse New York City, indulging in their obsessive pursuit of all things twisted and heavy, and leaving a trail of fried brains and troubled souls in their wake.

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We currently have no shows listed.


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